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Market Analysis

Based on market analysis another important factor in the fast sale of a house is the pricing strategy.

Our teams pricing strategy has proven time and again to be very effective in the quick sale of our properties. We try to price the property we are selling at 98% to 101% of its value based on the previous sales in the area to maximize the selling price. This pricing strategy is a best practice strategy. If we use the traditional price range for the a-b market it would limit the buyer’s demand and will only attract buyers who want to buy nicer homes. If we focus our price range on the d market it would only attract one percent of buyers since many buyers could not afford the property especially if the price escalates. If we focus on the c market, it would attract 26 percent of potential buyers and could limit the competition which would eventually result in a low selling price. Moreover, if we focus on the e to f market, it would only attract the wrong buyers such as flippers and buyers seeking low-priced houses.

If you want to get the best price of your house on the market it is a no-brainer idea to pick our team to sell your house.