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Home Selling Process

Front-Loaded Marketing

The one thing that separates our team from other realtors is that we have an effective marketing plan that will surely sell your property fast.

We implement our Front-Loaded Marketing that will systematically and aggressively every possible Buyer for your home.

The main marketing platform we employ is our 72Sold Marketing Plan, this is an ambitious but effective way to sell your property within 72 hours.

We decided to use 72sold since it is an effective way to sell your property since it offers more convenience, more certainty, and guarantees a higher price for your home.

This strategy is so effective that it got media coverage in Forbes magazine and aired on Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC news. It offers convenience because we do not follow a traditional showing process.

Another positive thing about this marketing strategy is a higher price, before listing your home we always aggregate demand for your property which is the strategy employed by companies like Apple with its products.

Also, unlike other realtors, we do not do long-term listing agreements.

It is also important to note that traditional realtors have three common weaknesses which usually lead to delayed selling of houses on sale.

  • Most realtors only utilize a three point listing plan which is an ineffective marketing move.
  • Most realtors also have a relaxed mindset meaning they sell your property at their own pace without any sense of urgency.
  • Thirdly, most realtors will try to sell the home at some point during the listing contract which is another deficient marketing move.

If you choose us to sell your home such common mistakes won’t happen.

Compressed Showings

We have an effective and innovative marketing strategy that is repeatable and proven.

My team and I go beyond traditional marketing strategy to ensure we sell your house fast and at a great price.

One of our effective marketing strategies is the compressed showing of a property to increase desire and demand which potentially increases property listing price.

The compressed showing plan is pretty simple, as we just compress all showings into a 90-minute home launch, all buyers see each other coming and going.

This creates social proof that your home is popular and desirable, which naturally creates a competitive environment among buyers, resulting in higher offers.

Offers Deadline

This is the day that we tell all Buyers and Agent that we will be evaluating Offers. Tell the visitor WHY we do this.

Then reinforce some of our core concepts of SOCIAL PROOF, COMPETETIVE ENVIRONMENT, & DEADLINE TO ACT.

Now we have an Offer. How do we know this is the best offer? How do we know if the Buyer will pay more? Or if they willing to waive contingencies?

Multiple Offer Worksheet

Our marketing strategy regularly results in multiple offers for our property listings. The multiple offers we received for our clients’ properties vary in price, terms, conditions, closing dates, etc. Our team of experts analyze and evaluate offers on the table to ensure our client’s take the best deal on the table

While we can assure you that we always strive to give you the best deal for your property, it’s not yet time to be fully happy. The next part is very important the inspection phase wherein the buyer will look at the property and possibly ask for some repairs. While this phase is critical, you have nothing to worry about because we have a BCW negotiating strategy to make sure we don’t lose the deal in the inspections.

In another section, we will discuss in detail our BCW Repair negotiations.