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Front-loaded marketing

One thing that separates my team from other realtor teams  is the fact that we have steady and effective marketing plans that will surely sell your property fast.

We have front-loaded marketing that will systematically and aggressively sell your property fast.

The main marketing scheme we employ is our 72Sold marketing plan, this is an ambitious but effective way to sell your property within the timeframe of 72 hours.

We decided to use 72sold since it is an effective way to sell your property since it offers more convenience, more certainty, and guarantees a higher price for your home.

This strategy is so effective that it got media coverage in Forbes magazine and aired on Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC news. It offers convenience because we do not follow a traditional showing process.

Another positive thing about this marketing strategy is a higher price, before listing your home we always aggregate demand for your property which is the strategy employed by companies like Apple with its products.

Also, unlike other realtors, we do not do long-term listing agreements.

Because we are confident of selling your home fast, we only ask our sellers one-page, short-term Marketing Agreement for the specified number of days it will take them home to sell and close.

It is also important to note that traditional realtors have three common weaknesses which usually lead to delayed selling of houses on sale.

  • Most realtors only utilize three listing plans which is a bad marketing move.
  • Most realtors also have a relaxed mindset meaning they sell your property at their own pace without any sense of urgency.
  • Thirdly, most realtors will try to sell the home at some point during the listing contract which is another deficient marketing move.

If you choose us to sell your home such common mistakes won’t happen.