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Our Story

As some might say; our bad experiences and bad memories are what make us who we are the very things that fuel our growth. Those experiences and memories can sometimes lead you to do something extraordinary that will not only bring you success, but also make a difference in the world, or someone’s life.

That is exactly what happened to me! It is that very reason that caused me to become a realtor. It has instilled a sense of hopefulness to inspire and pour into others who want to venture into the exciting world of real estate.

Being married with two kids has inspired me to work harder not only to provide a better-quality life for my family but also to impact the lives of people who wish to make a huge life decision to sell their homes or buy their own homes. I am humbled and grateful for the opportunities that I have been presented to serve and guide my clients through such a major process in their lives.

Even as a young kid, I was always fascinated with real estate, and that fascination drove me to major in architecture in college. Without knowing anything about real estate investing, I decided to buy a property as a form of investment during the summer of my junior year in college. To keep things in order, I decided to hire what I thought was a “professional” realtor. At that time, I thought I’d made a pretty good choice in selecting a realtor. Boy was I wrong! My world was shattered and I was completely disappointed when I realized the agent, I hired was pretty clueless regarding the process of real estate and did not have my best interest in mind. Instead of thinking about my best interest in the deal, she struck a quick deal that essentially only benefitted her. I was the loser in the deal.

This experience was what led me to invest in my next 40 properties without a realtor until I met my mentor. I was still a tad traumatized by the experience but knew I wanted to learn more about the business. My mentor advised me to just push past that horrible experience and consider doing real estate. In spite of my reluctance, I decided to push forward and become a realtor at the advice of my mentor who told me to do it and service others. My primary driver was not to make money but to help others navigate through the real estate process and truly have an advocate on their side. And for the past 22 years, I have continued to do just that through my own real estate company that I’ve built with sheer determination, hard work, and compassion, and the desire to help others make great home buying/ selling decisions.

My team and I have been on a mission to help people in buying, selling, financing, and negotiating properties. We also ventured into doing home renovations, design, staging, etc. with the ultimate goal to provide comprehensive service to all of our clients. We help our clients by negotiating the best deals for their properties. We are committed to always having a higher standard through professional development, education, sales skills, negotiation, tactics, marketing strategies, etc. We continue to raise the bar for ourselves so that we can provide our clients with best-in-class, superior quality service.

As a real estate company, we also want to mentor anyone who is interested in venturing into real estate. After all, everything starts from scratch. Remember, before Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan became NBA superstars they started from the bottom and rose to the top with the help of their coach Phil Jackson. Like Phil Jackson, we want to mentor anyone that wants to be the next Jordan or Bryant of real estate.