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Determining the Most a Buyer Will Pay?

After the buyer makes an initial offer, we would start to do the tedious work to know the most a buyer would be willing to pay after they’ve made their initial offer?

Since we began our business of buying and selling homes my team and I have successfully created a proven talk track that is very effective with the buyer’s agent.

The first thing we are to call and thank the agent for submitting the offer.

After the thank gesture, we proceed by saying to that person: “Of course you know my sellers won’t accept this offer, but I’m planning to talk with them in a few minutes and I’ll fight hard to convince them to come back with a price, you can recommend to your buyers that they will feel is fair. What does that need to be?”.

After saying these words, we are happy to sell that surprisingly many buyer agents will give insight into how much their client will pay.